Flow Meter Calibration

Flowmeter calibration Services in dubai are used to measure the volume of flow of gas or liquid. Flow meters are calibrated periodically to ensure the readings of flow meter fall under acceptable level of accuracy of the flow meter. This is essential in order to determine the accurate flow at any given point of time. At times due to the repeated usage or wear and tear of internal parts, meters tend to show inaccurate readings. Tcal provides best calibration services in dubai , ajman , Sharjah and Abu Dhabi . Tcal provides Flowmeters calibration Services in  in dubai , ajman , Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Due to these reasons, calibration & overhauling of flow meter is recommended else it could not give accurate results.
At TCAL, we offer the service, calibration & overhauling of flow meters. We have implemented unique methods for measuring the flow of liquid. We have our comparative methods and formulas inorder to determine the proper functioning of flowmeters across the region. Following are some of the flowmeters that we can calibrate at site/lab.

  • Fuel flow meters
  • Water flow meters
  • Electromagnetic flow meters.

TCAL uses the method best suited to achieving the most accurate result and this depends on circumstances. The gravimetric calibration method is considered to be the best but, since most of flowmeters are volumetric, mass measurement must be converted into volume allowing errors to be introduced. Mainly there are 3 different methods used to calibrate flow meter.

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