Gas Detector Calibration

Every year many workers are injured who are exposed to toxic gases and vapours. These accidents occur as the fatalities are invisible to workers who are affected. The only was it can be avoided is by monitoring our surrounding atmosphere regularly by the help of gas detectors and other environment monitoring equipment.

Gas detector calibration services  plays a prominent role in ensuring safety of personel who are exposed to flammable gases, oxygen depletion and toxic gas. Gas detectors have to be calibrated periodically to ensure whether sensors are working as per manufacturer standards and also to meet local regulations. Gas detector manufacturer recommend to calibrate the equipment every six months to check the integrity of sensor and other components of the equipment. We provide Gas detector Calibration Services in Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Ajman , Sharjah 

We  provide Gas detector repair services  in UAE , Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Sharjah  and calibrate repair and supply the below gas detectors.

Description MAKE MODEL
Area Gas Monitor Honey Well BM25
Multigas Detector Crowcon Detective+
Multigas Detector Crowcon Gas Pro
Gas Detector H2S Honey Well Intellidox
Multigas Detector BW Technologies Micro 5
Gas Detector Ventis Pro 5
Area Gas Monitor Industrial Scientific Radius BZ1
Multigas Detector Crowcon T3
Multigas Detector Crowcon Triple Plus+IR
Multigas Detector Crowcon Triple+
Heat stress Meter Scarlet Tech TWL-IS
Multigas Detector Ventis Ventis Pro5 Monitor
Portable Gas Monitor Drager X-Zone 5500

How do we calibrate gas detectors?

The only was to calibrate the gas detectors is to expose the detector to the know concentration test gas. Then we shall verify the instruments alarm and readings in the real time monitors. It is also important for once to have approval from local authorities to calibrate gas detectors.

We recommend our customers to do their equipment calibration from professional calibration laboratories. We also provide repair services, replacement of sensors, components, pumps to the below equipment.
Single sensor instruments are mainly used to detect a single toxic or hazardous gas conditions.(Mainly H2S, O2 depletion or presence of combustible gas).
Single gas detectors may not be equipped with real time display. These kind of gas detectors may not be capable of calibration adjustment when exposed to gas of known concentration.
Multi gas detectors are equipped with various gas sensors such as H2S, CO, O2, LEL etc. Mutli gas detectors can detect 4-5 gases at a time. These detectors are also equipped with pump and also have an option to self calibrated before every use. The multi gas detectors are equipped with real time display and alarms which makes them capable of calibration adjustment when exposed to gas of known concentration.
Sensors may be contaminated or have a poor performance if exposed to some substances. Even if sensors are healthy if the gas cannot reach the sensor due to blockage in the pump the gas detector may not function as per the standards.

Gas detectors on Rental?

We provide Gas Detectors Services on short time and long time rental. During the rental period calibration services shall be free of charge. We also provide our customers with spare replacement during the calibration services in Dubai and UAE .

Why choose TCAL?

TCAL can provide complete overhauling , repair, renting, calibration and service for all kinds of Gas detectors Service in Dubai and UAE. TCAL is ISO 17025: 2005 accredited laboratory and complies to local regulations.

We are centrally located in the emirate of Dubai. We can provide collection and delivery services across UAE for our customers. We also provide onsite and round the clock calibration services to the customers.

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