Total Weighing and Measuring Laboratory LLC has been established by likeminded professionals in Dubai as a service provider for Calibration, Pipe Freezing Services in Sharjah, Integration and Supply. We offer calibration services in the field of Process Instrumentation such as Power Plants, Oil Storage Terminals, Food Processing Industries, Fabrication Industries, Logistic Companies, Oil drilling companies, Electro Mechanical companies, MEP contractors, Facilities Management companies. etc. We offer onsite and in house calibration services based on the client requirements.

We also offer Pipe Freezing services in UAE to Interior companies, Malls, Electromechanical companies, Facilities Management companies. We can offer pipe freezing services in Dubai ranging from 1/4inches pipes to 16inches pipes. We have in-house pipe freezing team with an experience over 8 years.

Pipe Freezing service is a technology where the pipe modification work can be done without draining the liquid in the pipeline. This technology saves time, resources and shutdown period and helps you to carry on the operations smoothly. Special metal jackets are fabricated  depending on the pipe size and installed over the pipe. Liquid nitrogen is inserted in to the metal jackets where the liquid nitrogen freezes the pipe and the temperature reaches negative due to which the liquid in the pipe freezes. Then the necessary modifications can be done on the pipe without draining the liquid in the pipe.