Weighing scale Calibration

Weighing scale Calibration in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi  scales are used in many industrial and commercial applications for determining the weight or mass of an object. In order to obtain accurate results, one must make sure to calibrate their weighing scales at regular time intervals. Total Weighing and Measuring Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 EIAC accredited laboratory to provide Calibration services for both Analog and Digital Weighing Scales in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.

Weighing scale Calibration in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi   is highly essential for weighing scales as the accuracy of balances degrades over time due to wear and tear caused by frequent use and external factors such as mechanical shocks or hazardous environments. To maintain customer confidence and run the businesses successfully, one must calibrate their balances periodically to maintain accuracy in the results. We at TCAL , perform Intermediate checks periodically on our reference standards and reference materials to maintain customer confidence in the calibration status.

How does Calibration of Weighing Balances help your business?

Weighing scale Calibration services in dubai helps you to  ensures accuracy in results and reduces chance of error in the measurement. Weighing Balances which are not calibrated can result in issues like Loss of Customer Confidence, Product Quality Issues etc.

When should you get your balances calibrated?

Frequency of Calibration of Weighing Balances depends on various factors like how often the balances are used/ how they are handled and environmental conditions where the balance is placed.

Based on the frequency of usage of balances and the Industry you are in , our skilled technicians will suggest the calibration intervals for your equipment. Re-calibration date will be mentioned in the certificate provided to you when the initial calibration is done.

Should you perform testing between calibration intervals?

It is Ideal to check the performance of the balance periodically by performing quick checks with a piece of standard weight in between calibration intervals to ensure quality of your balances and it also helps to decide if the calibration interval needs to be revised. It helps in finding any non-conformity in the balance.

How does TCAL ensure to provide calibration to maintain accuracy?

TCAL performs Intermediate checks periodically on the reference standards and reference materials so as to maintain customer confidence in the calibration status.

Does TCAL has Annual Calibration Contract for Weighing Balances?

Yes, we offer annual calibration and maintenance contracts. Availing this contract can allow you to get your weighing balances calibrated at regular intervals to maintain the accuracy.




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